Are you a certified NLP Practitioner ready to take your skills to the next level? Are you ready to guide your clients through deeper, life-changing breakthroughs for maximum impact?

MASTER the most advanced tools and techniques of NLP for personal growth and professional practice.

Master Your Craft and Become the Leader You Are Meant to Become!


It's time to stop "doing" NLP and master the tools and techniques by deepening your understanding and allowing NLP to become not what you "do" but who you are.

When you complete Master Practitioner training with Belief Co, you will become a:

  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Master TIME Techniques Practitioner
  • Master Success Coach
  • Reiki Master* (Reiki 3 / Master)
    • *Must have completed Reiki 1 & 2 with BeliefCo or other accepted Reiki training. You must enroll separately in Reiki 1 & 2 with BeliefCo if coming from an NLP training that did not include Reiki.

Here's What You Get In The

Master Practitioner training is one of the most powerful trainings we offer. This is because you will get the chance to be both the practitioner and "client" for almost every technique we teach... including a full-day "breakthrough session" where you will completely transform an area of your life, integrating each of the modalities into a single powerful tool.


During this training you will learn "master" level techniques AND you will "master" the material you learned at practitioner training. Here is what you'll learn in each section of the training:

NLP Master Practitioner

Master the concepts and patterns of NLP, becoming fluent with the various language patterns and scripts.

  • Master the art of conversational change. Learn how to impact and (ethically) influence others through everyday conversation to achieve massive change, like eliminating limiting beliefs, when you learn how to use language with purpose and intention. Somewhere around the mid-point of this training, the language patterns that you learned in Practitioner Training will simply become part of how you speak as you take those patterns to the next level with quantum linguistics, temporal languaging, Prime Concerns, and Slight of Mouth patterns.

  • Affect change at the quantum level. Learn how the field of NLP has been influenced by the study of quantum physics and master the advanced techniques developed based on those amazing findings. And, learn the secret behind movies like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know" so you can take your results for a quantum leap.

  • Discover what's really important - your values. Know how to easily elicit (and change) values in any area of life. Values are how we judge others... and ourselves. And, they are often the driver of things like "self-sabotage," making them a vital piece in any coaching/therapy/counseling relationship that will supercharge the results you can help your clients achieve.

  • Know how to predict how and why people do what they do - Meta Programs. Learn how to quickly determine a person's "personality" style - the final filter in the NLP communication model that dictates how any person experiences their version of "reality."

  • Learn advanced submodality techniques for powerful change. Take your knowledge of the coding language of the mind to the next level with techniques like "Designer Swish," Compulsion Blowout, Allergy Elimination (and many more) to achieve maximum impact with yourself and with others.

  • Fill in the missing steps in strategies techniques from practitioner training. Learn advanced strategy elicitation techniques, design, and installation of new strategies.

  • Learn what some consider the one "true" technique of NLP - Modeling. It's not simply doing what others do in order to achieve the same results. Learn how (and what) to model in others and how to install excellence in yourself and others.

  • Gain confidence as a speaker and presenter. Whether at live events or online, knowing how to present effectively will set you apart from everyone else. Learn speaker "basics" so that you can start sharing your genius. You will also get proven presentation scripts that you can use to attract new clients.

TIME Techniques™ Master Practitioner

Add deeper understanding of the techniques learned at the practitioner level plus advanced emotional release techniques to help your clients easily navigate past, present, and future simultaneously to achieve powerful and instant release of negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and others), undo limiting decisions, and eliminate the effects of phobias, so they can create lasting change, making quantum leaps and manifesting their vision board lives.

  • Master the art of the Breakthrough Session Format. Learn how to combine NLP, TIME Techniques, and Hypnosis into a powerful, step-by-step, 6-8 hour transformational experience that can create complete and lasting change in an entire area of life from it's root. The value of a single Breakthrough Session can easily make this segment worth the entire investment in this training.

  • Support clients in deep emotional release of physical symptoms. With a doctor's referral or working under a license, help a client release deep emotions often related to the experience of pain.

  • Guide clients in regression to recover information stored over time . Elegantly guide clients over their past timeline for past-life, forensic, and resource regression.

  • Discover the power of taking a detailed personal history. These specific questions will allow you to easily guide clients into their unconscious to discover the root causes of any problems they present.

  • Activate the power of manifestation by intentionally creating the future. Use TIME Techniques to install achievable goals into the future timeline that direct the subconscious mind to create them as reality.

Master Hypnotherapist

Go deeper into the subconscious with some of the most powerful hypnosis techniques.

  • Master deep-trance hypnosis. Learn advanced methods for hypnotic induction to guide clients to deeper levels of trance, including the Elman Method.

  • Build confidence in your induction skills by producing classic hypnotic phenomena. Watch as you are able to guide another in automatic movement, arm catalepsy, and full-body catalepsy*


    *Full-body catalepsy will only be practiced at live, in-person trainings for safety purposes. Students will learn how to guide a client into this state AND how to perform it safely. Students will be able to witness a successful full-body catalepsy demonstration via video for virtual training.

  • Learn how to take your skills as a hypnotist for entertainment . As you learned at the practitioner level, a  hypnosis show is different from a hypnosis session. Know the tips and tricks for creating an entertaining hypnosis show or to simply "wow" your friends and family when they find out you're a hypnotist.

  • Learn how to quickly hypnotize someone in 60 seconds or less. Know how to use rapid inductions to quickly guide clients into trance so you have more time for the other work.

  • Deepen your understanding of the power of hypnosis. Master your skills as a hypnotist to help make you and your clients powerful manifestors by by-passing the critical part of the mind for easy and powerful change.

  • Discover the power of the pendulum. Go deeper into how you can use a pendulum in your life and with your clients beyond basic "yes" or "no" answer.

Master Success Coach

Maximize your impact as a coach when you integrate your new master techniques and skills into everything you do.

  • Expand your coaching model. Learn models for Business coaching, Family Therapy, Couples coaching, and high-performance coaching.

  • Master the Breakthrough Session Format. Create your personal "VIP" experience for your clients by integrating your genius with this proven format.

  • Set yourself apart from other coaches. Create your personal "VIP" experience for your clients by integrating your genius with this proven format.

Reiki Level III Practitioner + Reiki Master

Prerequisite: Attunement and Certification to Level II.

  • Receive your Level 3 and Master Attunements.

  • Learn to Pass Attunements.

"You can't affect the cards that are dealt, but you can determine how you play them." ~ Milton H. Erickson

Note: Price includes $100 Completion Certificate Fee

*Must show completion of NLP Practitioner/TIME Techniques/Hypnosis/Coaching from an approved certification company. To be eligible for Reiki III + Master, you must already be attuned to Level II. If you'd like to add Reiki I + II certification, please contact us for enrollment information. You can then take Reiki III + Master once you've completed Level I + II.

Kathrin Zenkina, CEO

Manifestation Babe

This is for you if...

  • You know the power in showing up for you, your clients, and all those whom you can impact

  • You are committed to playing full out and mastering your craft at the deepest levels

  • You are ready to commit to growing yourself and stepping into the magnificent version of you that Universe has always intended

  • You are tired of seeing people working so dang hard on their dreams and you know there are tools you can use to help them move from force to flow by going deeper into the subconscious mind to affect change

  • You are ready to turn those deep (and often hidden) mindset roadblocks into your path to your vision board life

  • You know it's time to fill out your mindset kit with some of the most powerful tools in the personal development industry.

"When you believe yourself to be master of your thoughts, you become so."

~ Émile Coué

Note: Price includes $100 Completion Certificate Fee

"One of the best things I've ever done to make myself better was attend a class by Brenda Jones. She makes everything simple to understand, even though the complex topic was going over how your brain works... if you have a desire to be better, you have a desire to sell more, you have a desire to overall make clients happier, then get with Brenda."

Joe Ingram

CEO - BDCGenius

BELIEF COaching Method + THRIVE Business Builder Quickstart

This course is a step-by-step blueprint that we have put together to give you everything that we have learned about the coaching business.


Our BELIEF COaching Method will give you the exact steps to take to create successful coaching programs and trainings and the THRIVE Business Builder Quickstart from Andrew Carlson of Shift Into Action Now! will give you the strategies to turn it from a hobby into a business, and ultimately... how to scale your business.


This place is the ultimate resource to give you total financial control for the rest of your life!


Note: Price includes $100 Completion Certificate Fee

*Must show completion of NLP Master Practitioner/TIME Techniques/Hypnosis/Coaching from an approved certification company to enroll in Trainers Training.

  • Ethical Standards

    We have a set of standards that not every coaching certification company has. We aren't looking to certify everyone. We're looking to certify people who want to be a successful coach with integrity and compassion. 


    In order to qualify for certification - you will need to meet our expectations and standards.

  • Full Support

    We will support you every step of the way. From the moment you decide that coaching is right for you to when you're ready to create a wildly successful coaching business...


    We have the tools and systems in place to provide you with the support you need to thrive!

  • Community

    You will be a part of the IMPACT Coaching Community which is a place where you can connect with other coaches, learn from other entrepreneurs, and expand your network. 


    We understand that who you surround yourself with is important which is why our community is filled with amazing people, just like you!

Note: Price includes $100 Completion Certificate Fee

*Must show completion of prerequisite certification to enroll.

If you have questions about whether your certification qualifies, please contact us at