Meet Your Belief Co Team


Brenda Jones, MA, MNLP

Brenda helps high-vibe CEOs, performers, and A-List celebrities ditch stress, burnout, and self-sabotage so they can co-create the dream lifestyles that celebrate their families, finances, and fun.


As an international best-selling author, speaker, and trainer, she combines over 25 years of expertise and study in behavioral psychology, human development, brain health, energy work, and the subconscious mind to bring fast and powerful change that allows her clients to massively shift their lives through her signature R.E.S.E.T. System and BELIEF COaching Method + Certification Program.


Through this system, her clients find it simple to maximize their mindset, master their magic, and manifest their kickass vision board lives.


She does all this while homeschooling her two girls around their crazy competition dance schedule, hanging out with her husband, family, and friends... all while keeping life in harmony and putting the "ME" back in "mommy."

Brenda's Educational Background

  • Master Trainer of Neuro-Energetics
  • Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programing
  • Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy
  • Licensed Brain Trainer
  • Licensed Neuro-Encoding Specialist
  • Master Trainer of Life and Success Coaching
  • Master Trainer of TIME Techniques™
  • Master Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Masters Degree in Autism and ECSE
  • Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Psychology


Greg Stoll, MNLP, RMT

Greg has stepped back from Belief Co to focus his attention where it is currently needed most. We look forward to him stepping back into all things energy as soon as he is able. Until then, he continues to support Brenda as she steps up to take over Belief Co and lead the company and its students to new adventures and achievements.

The Belief Co Story

The Universe is always conspiring for us. This time, it created Belief Company so that we could be right here, right now, when you're ready for us.


Brenda and Greg lived very different lives. But Universe was already planning this story as they unknowingly crossed paths many times over a couple of decades. Their paths crossed so much that they found themselves at several of the same training events before ever meeting, each working on their own self-development. Even though they shook hands at one event and sat mere feet from each other at another (there's video proof!)... they never met.


Universe decided it was time and their paths finally connected in 2016.


Instantly recognizing the synchronicity of the moment, they quickly proceeded to support each other in countless hours of training. A close friendship quickly grew, and as they realized their similar  missions to help others experience the deep levels of transformation they helped one another achieve during training, a partnership was built. They combined their unique educational backgrounds, life experiences, and respective passions to create unique programs just for you.


Stop and think... what does the vision board life of your dreams look like?


Do you have that picture in your mind or that feeling in your heart? Brenda and Greg created Belief Co to help you turn your mindset blocks into your empowered path so that you can be the next ripple of change as you maximize your impact and influence, and create your kickass “vision board life.” As life has a way of changing course, personal issues led Greg to make the difficult decision to step away from Belief Co so that his attention could be directed where it was needed. He entrusted Brenda to continue their shared vision as she continues to lead the company to new heights.

One person may not be able to change the world…


but just as Belief Co is exponentially greater than the sum of Brenda and Greg, when many ripples of change are created, the impact is exponentially greater than the sum of the individual ripples.


What is your ripple?



We could say your mission is to change the world, impact a million lives, or something to that effect... and... we know all that starts with you.


Simply put, OUR MISSION is to help maximize your impact and influence...

and facilitate powerful change in YOU.


When our magic is all said and done, your life will never be the same again... period.


OUR MISSION is to show you how to manifest the vision board life you desire and to KNOW with absolute certainty that...




We believe in you, and when you turn your roadblocks into your path, you will too.

Believe you are unstoppable!

Who's the Other Guy We Keep Seeing?

Great question!!! So that you can maximize your impact and influence from one of the best personal growth & development and NLP certification trainings in Southern California, we have strategically partnered with Shift Into Action Now!  to help you step into an influencer role and then monetize your influence.

ANDREW CARLSON - Strategic Business Partner

Founder & CEO of Shift Into Action Now!

Andrew coaches experts and influencers to show up confidently in life & business; eliminating productivity panic, technology overwhelm, and creator burnout. They contact him to help monetize their influence to have the visibility, credibility, and the right systems in place to supercharge their business.



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