Virtual Group & 1-on-1 Coaching

Stop working so hard. Let us help you crush your mindset and energetic roadblocks to build a path you can maximize your impact and influence and manifest your vision board life!


Even coaches have coaches.

What if your biggest breakthrough in life is one phone call away? 


You've made your vision board, said your mantras, and you still can't figure out why you aren't achieving your goals. Or maybe it was working really well... until it wasn't. That mindset block came out of nowhere and you can't seem to move around it. Or maybe you're simply ready to streamline your learning curve so you can stop working so hard. Congratulations for making it here... you've taken the first step towards the life you desire.


Before we go any further, let us tell you now that you are not alone.


We all have moments when we are so stuck inside a problem or the obstacle seems so large, that the solution just can't be seen. A coach doesn't solve your problems. A coach helps you see outside the problem so that you can see the solution.


And that's why you have us.


From a vantage point outside your struggle, we can help you identify the mindset blocks preventing you from achieving your dreams so you can release them and get focused on finally living your "vision board life." Because "mindset work" doesn't have to be "work." It's the shift from effort to energy.


Manifestation requires the activation of Universal energy...

and your ability to connect to it.


Most coaches focus on changing behaviors to change results - effort. But that leaves out the most powerful parts of you - energy. We help you make the powerful shifts at the deeper subconscious levels so that they simply become part of who you are, not what you "have/need to do."


On our call, we will fully envision your dream life, identify the obstacles that are in your way, and create a plan of action together, making the steps so simple you can't not take them.


The fact that you've made it this far means you are ready to take the next step towards your vision board life. Take that step now and click the button to schedule a chat with us so we can create the plan that crumbles your roadblocks to open up your path.

Here's what our students/clients are saying:

Damaris Thompson

Zenergetic Healing

"I really love the way that they found a practical simple way to apply it to everyday life and actually gave me tools I could take with me... simple tools, quick tools, easy tools, that you can apply in a snap where most of us would have an excuse!"

Joe Ingram

Ingram Interactive

"One of the best things I've ever done to make myself better was attend an event by Brenda. She cares deeply about everybody's understanding. She makes everything simple even with the complex topic of how your brain works!"

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